100 Healthy Days: Week 4 Journal

Day 22:

Woke up exhausted again. Starting to think that maybe I’m lacking something in my diet (or it could be a withdrawal from something). Started taking some iron, sage tablets, chlorella and Vitamin C to see if I can bump my energy back up again.

I discovered yesterday that oat milk is amazing in both tea and coffee so I’ve also started drinking that which should give me a fair amount of B12 and calcium too. I think I might have a bit of a fishy week too. Probably have fish fingers for lunch.

Breakfast I had a ‘sausage’ sandwich and a coffee. Plus about an hour later I munched on a banana to see if a bit of potassium would perk me up. So far nothing has worked and I’m still on the cusp of falling asleep. Today may be a long day.

Fish finger sarnies were a wonder. Interestingly every time I’ve eaten meat in the last three weeks its just tasted like meat always has but the fish fingers tasted amazing, it’s possibly because I don’t eat fish as often so my brain forgot how lovely it was.

Still no energy, my entire day has been a fight against sleep. I think I might need a few days off, maybe I’ll take a long weekend. Going to force myself to go for my walk in a moment but I honestly don’t know how I’ll make it out of my drive.

Managed a walk to the allotment. Didn’t stick around long but at least I got out of the house.

Had a late dinner, I actually decided to go to bed early so figured I’d skip it but unfortunately the hunger drive took over the sleep drive and kept me awake. I didn’t have a particularly healthy dinner (still no rule breaking though and today is my first “eat what you want day” anyway) as I had minced beef with pasta. Tasty though and I fell asleep almost immediately after eating it and got a solid 6 hours, which is pretty good for me.

Day 23:

In the office today. I actually feel pretty awake which is great. I think having a solid night of sleep is probably the reason I feel more awake but also the walk to the train station in the morning probably didn’t hurt. I really need to try to get into the habit of ‘commuting’ to my home office.

Porridge, coffee and orange juice for brekkers, typical office day breakfast.

The energy didn’t last. It’s not as bad as yesterday but around 11am I started to flag. I decided to try an experiment and (without having cheat meals) made a decision to eat less healthy meals. I still had a fairly healthy Bombay aloo during lunch but in the afternoon I had a can of coke and two doughnuts in our sprint retro meeting. So far, I feel a lot better. I am very curious to know if this is a mental thing or if there is something physical causing this.

Went for an eye test and may have discovered the cause of my issues. It turns out my astigmatism has gotten worse and my right eye is now quite far out of sync with my left eye. Going to get some new specs which should arrive next week so hopefully that issue is now sorted.

The evening was amusing, Colette and I ended up getting locked inside our allotment, thankfully someone else came by and let us out. That would have been an interesting way to spend our evening.

Dinner was a spinach and ricotta tortellini with some home-made ragu and was very tasty indeed.

I also re-adjusted my calorie goals again as I think 1500 calories a day is too hard for me to achieve, so I’ve set it to 1750 which is a bit more realistic and still should equal 1.5lbs of weight loss per week.

Day 24:

In the office for the last time this week. After a truly incredibly thunderstorm last night unlike anything I’ve ever seen (2-3 lightning strikes a second, it’s like the sky was strobing) I didn’t have as much sleep as normal as I had my head out of the window watching it in amazement for ages.

The storm seems to have messed up the train signals too and I had to miss two trains. Thankfully I was able to reroute myself to london via Sevenoaks mainline so I still got in in time for meeting. Regular office-day breakfast, no point really reporting on that one anymore.

Went for a walk at lunch and found myself at the street market again, decided to have something other than the Bombay aloo for a change and instead had a delicious pork Bolognese with penne pasta. Also went for a coffee with a colleague later in the afternoon, only drank half of it though as it wasn’t all that nice.

I’m honestly not addicted to doughnuts but I did eat two mini ones whilst waiting for Colette at an Eat (I eat when I’m bored. It’s pretty bad), I also had a small apple juice because I didn’t fancy a third coffee, I won’t sleep if I drink one this late.

Met up with Col and we went to go choose my new glasses. They said that they would be here by next Friday. That’s gonna be a little frustrating as now I know what the problem is, it’s made me notice that the text on my screen is all out of focus. I’ve set everything to ‘old man’ settings for now so hopefully that will resolve the issue for the time being.

By the time we got home we were both starving so we went to our local Chinese takeaway, now Col is vegan it would have made sense for us to change our regular order as usually we get Hong Kong style sweet and sour balls and share them. However this time I had a whole bag to myself which was FAR too much food.

Amazingly though, I was still under my daily calorie goal.

Day 25:

Today is my 2nd “Eat what you want” day and boy am I looking forward to it!

I can’t believe I’m already 1/4 of the way through this process, it’s so easy! I’ve noticed that I seem to have unconsciously set a pattern of one week vegetarian and one week not. Now I’ve noticed it I don’t know if that will change it or reinforce it, I don’t think it’s a bad pattern to have though whilst I get used to the different foods I can eat as a vegetarian. I suspect that by the end of this process I’ll be used to a lot more foods and will probably have fewer and fewer meaty days.

So far today I’ve managed to be completely vegan with an Alpro yoghurt and an oatmilk coffee.

Amazingly I managed a vegetarian day despite having a really low mood all afternoon. I would struggle to call it a healthy day as I had 2 chocolate bars, 6 rich tea biscuits and a packet of Monster munch but at least it was meat-free.

After snacking all afternoon I didn’t really fancy a big meal so instead I had a handful of Carr’s water crackers with some cream cheese.

Day 26:

Same breakfast as yesterday. It feels harder today, I think it’s because I’ve been a bit low and when I’m that way inclined, my mind craves comfort (read: junk) food. I’ve managed to resist the urges so far but it’s usually only a matter of time before my OCD latches on to it.

Still holding on, I had a mug-shot pasta soup for lunch with a tin of tuna mixed in, it was actually really tasty.

We’ve run out of bottled water and I’m drinking water from the tap for the first time in years, it kind of feels like I’m drinking directly from a swimming pool. As bottled water is bad for the environment (even though we are pretty good at recycling), I’m hesitant to stock up again (we usually buy it in crates), I’m thinking of getting a Britta filter instead as straight from the tap is not that nice.

Day 27:

The day started with an Alpro Yoghurt and a coffee as per usual but then at lunch time we went to a friend’s house for a BBQ. I think that’s the most meat I’ve eaten in one sitting for a while and it was glorious. I tried not to go too mental, I had 3 chicken skewers, 1 halloumi skewer, a cheeseburger and a hot dog. Also maybe a handful of crisps and 3 beers. That might sound like a lot but trust me, that’s a LOT less than I’d normally eat at a BBQ.

Amazingly that filled me up for the rest of the day, which it definitely would not have done only a few weeks ago, literally all I took in until I went to sleep was a bite of Colette’s brownie and a can of 7UP. I was pretty hungry by bedtime but I managed to resist eating anything else and went to sleep.

Day 28:

Thankfully the Alpro yoghurts have gone. I can’t say I was a fan of those, I liked them at first but somehow over the last week they started to taste seriously artificial to me, instead I had a salted caramel coconut milk yoghurt and it was a taste sensation. At 2 quid per small pot though it’s not something I’m going to be buying weekly. I worked out that on todays big shop I spent 16 quid on yoghurt! That’s mental even by my standards, however the yoghurt a day thing is something I am enjoying and it’s surprisingly good at keeping me satisfied until lunch so once these yoghurts have gone (either through me eating them or by me selling them to put a deposit down on a London by-to-let or something) I think I’ll probably just buy some regular old dairy ones.

Lunch was our typical ‘big shop day’ lunch, which was a bunch of nice bits and bobs we got from Sainsbury’s, I had a chicken Kathi kebab, a quorn sausage roll and a tray of king prawns. In the afternoon we also decided to treat ourselves to a snack and ate 3/4 of a bag of Doritos and salsa between ourselves.

Dinner was supposed to be a Quorn roast but we didn’t end up eating that in the end so instead I had a few ‘Turkey’ sandwiches and one of my extortionate yoghurts.

Health Check

As you can see, I’ve updated the health check table to be an actual table now instead of an image. It’s easier to keep updated and to be honest, as a web developer, it wasn’t really good enough to use an image in the first place.

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 246.4lbs 246.2lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.9% 34.8% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.9% 30.9% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 6mmol/L 3.1 4.7

OK this week isn’t really a surprise. I decided to run a bit of an experiment on myself this week I spent two days eating pretty much anything I wanted. Each day I managed to get to around 2500 calories. The other days I stuck well within my calorie limits.

I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to lose weight this week, I have tried intermittent fasting in the past and it worked really well for me but on that I had really low-calorie days (about 1200 calories) and 2 “eat as much as you like” days. On that diet, I lost a bit but over time the weight loss stopped and my enthusiasm went with it. Plus on the lower calorie days I felt like I was being deprived and that sort of diet just isn’t sustainable for me.

Next week should be interesting. I’m going to do the same thing again but this time I only get one day where I’m going to allow myself to eat what I like. Plus as tomorrow is my day off, I’m going to have a cheat meal so it’s likely I’ll go quite a bit over my calorie allowance.

You may have noticed that I’ve set the blood glucose to green even though it’s higher than last week. This is because I’ve decided that as I don’t particularly want to see high or low blood glucose, I’m going to mark it as green provided it remains within the healthy range (between 4 and 6┬ámmol/L)

Interestingly this week the thing I’ve struggled with the most is the #100healthydays Instagram posts, fact is, being healthy just isn’t that interesting (at least I don’t seem to be able to make it that way) so most of my posts are of meals I’ve eaten (if I even remember), a screenshot of my Fitbit stats or a stock photo of someone walking. I think that if I am going to give up early on anything, this might be what gives.

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