100 Healthy Days : Week 3 journal

Day 15:

I forgot to write my journal! Here’s what I can remember.

Breakfast was a simple affair, I wasn’t really hungry so I made myself an almond milk coffee and an alpro chocolate yoghurt then got cracking with work.

I was feeling much more energetic than in recent memory and burned through tickets at work. For my lunch break I made some ‘ham’ and lettuce flatbreads. The Quorn ‘ham’ was incredible, if nobody had told me that wasn’t ham, I wouldn’t have guessed, it looked pretty processed but still like ham and tasted identical. I was incredibly impressed.

I started to flag a bit mid-afternoon, once I finished my work for the day I decided to make a few more flatbreads as a snack and had another alpro yoghurt.

By the time Col got home, I was hungry again so I made a sweet and sour ‘chicken’ and brown rice dish. Again using Quorn chicken nuggets and again I was amazed at how they looked and tasted exactly like real chicken nuggets.

I’m honestly starting to believe that I can quite easily be 100 vegetarian at home. I wonder if Quorn do ribeye steaks? 😛

Day 16:

In the office today so I had my usual breakfast of Pret porridge and an orange juice, I also ordered a coffee but they must have mixed my order up as I got some sort of weird flavoured latte and it was awful so I had naught but a sip.

Not a huge amount of work to do at the moment, we’re sort of going through a bit of process refinement at work and it’s creating a bit of a lull in my workload. I had an early lunch as I was super-bored. Had a delicious (but very hot!) Bombay Aloo with white rice.

The afternoon got a bit busier and thankfully flew by, when I got home I cooked the rest of the quorn nuggets and had them with some sweet potato fries, a bit of salad and a few mini corn on the cob. Delicious.

Day 17:

In the office again so the usual breakfast, went to Coffee Geek for a latte and I’m so glad I did. Coffee is wonderful, I shall never give it up again. I also discovered they do an almond milk one so I’ll probably try that next week. Usual Pret breakfast, nothing exciting to report.

Got a busy day today as I’m trying to learn a new (to me) testing framework and can’t disengage my brain for more than a few minutes at a time without losing my train of thought. So far I’ve been coding on the toilet (don’t judge!) and coding in the cafe at lunch – which involved sitting in the MoJ cafe and eating a surprisingly tasty cold pesto pasta (try saying that fast three times) salad and guzzling down a bottle of water. I’ve now spent a few minutes writing this so back to to the virtual grindstone!

There is a guy sat next to me on the train home who is eating a McDonalds and it looks and smells amazing. So far the temptation of fast food has been non-existent so I naively thought that would be the easy part but now I can smell it, I MASSIVELY want it. #mustresist

In the evening I decided to do a bit more work – busy week – so had a late dinner. Thankfully today was Ocado day (yay!) so I had a fresh mushroom pie, some homemade mash (with vegan butter) and half a tin of beans. Sadly the pie was rubbish (damn you, Pieminster!) so I only had half but the mash was amazing so I mainly had mash and beans for dinner.

Yesterday I re-allocated my calorie goals so I have basically knocked 1000 calories from my daily allowance, today was close to the mark with only 121 calories left on my allowance!

Day 18:

WFH today. Had my first cup of tea in nearly 3 weeks, made it with proper milk but didn’t put any sugar in, tasted great. Especially when I had it with 6 rich tea biscuits for breakfast.

Also got the slow-cooker running. Making a vegetable curry for dinner, I’m sat in my office now and the entire house smells amazing.

Went for a brief walk to Sainsbury’s, wasn’t 30 mins of activity but it was a solid 10. I’ll do a bit more active stuff later. Got some peppers for my veg curry and snuck in a chocolate orange bar on the way home.

Lunch was another “ham” sandwich but I’d ran out of lettuce so instead I had it with “cheese” (Violife – doesn’t smell like cheese but it feels and tastes exactly like cheese).

The curry was disappointing (although Col loved it), I think next time I make a veg curry I’ll make something with an actual curry type instead of just a ‘curry’. Still, it was sustenance and fit the bill. Plus I ate a bag of popcorn a few hours before dinner so I still feel like I had a good treat.

Day 19:

Woke up feeling a bit foggy, probably just fibro fog and not diet so going to change anything. Struggling to concentrate even after a coffee, thankfully I got a ton of work done yesterday so it won’t hurt if I go a bit slower today. Wasn’t massively hungry this morning so just had a bowl of cornflakes.

Still feeling foggy, dying for a nap but I know if I have one I won’t sleep tonight. More of that curry for lunch, I put some paprika and a bit of Lea and Perrins in it and it actually made it pretty nice. unfortunately as Lea and Perrins has anchovies in it, it’s not a technically vegetarian meal but i’m sure one slightly non-veggie meal the entire week is forgivable. TBH I have thought about being a bit more pescatarian anyway (I miss fish fingers) so all is good.

I’m surprised at my productivity today, considering how foggy I feel. I worked until 5 and then started working some more on learning Vue.js (a web framework I want to get the hang of). Colette was having a drink with a friend so I decided I’d basically work until I fell asleep. In fact I got so into it that I forgot to have dinner until almost 9pm when my stomach reminded me that I was really hungry. So I made a few ‘ham and cheese’ sarnies and got back to it.

At around 10pm I finally decided it was time for bed as I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore but as my brain is a bastard it decided to wake me up the moment my head hit the pillow.

I’d heard that ‘golden milk tea’ (hot milk with turmeric, cinnamon and a few other things) was not only a good weight-loss drink but also amazing at making you sleepy so I made myself a mug. It actually tasted pretty nice although it was weird drinking a drink that was both spicy and sweet. Halfway through making it Colette came home, about an hour later I went to bed and as far as I recall I DID actually fall asleep fairly quickly.

Day 20:

Today I attempted a vegetarian fry up which consisted of Linda McCartney veggie sausages, Quorn bacon, a few fried eggs and some home-made hash browns.

It wasn’t great. The sausage and egg were fantastic but the Quorn bacon was the first Quorn product I’ve had that I felt was disappointing. Maybe I should have actually fried it instead of grilling it but although it didn’t taste terrible, the texture was weird, it was like eating a flip-flop. The hash-browns were something I’ve never tried making from scratch before and they didn’t turn out great. Maybe I’ll try that one again one day.

I’m still exhausted and foggy, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the diet though because I know what my brain is like and as soon as it gets any whiff of me doing something to improve my life it immediately rebels against it so I’m trying to fight through. Of course trying to learn a new programming concept whilst also fighting against a very strong urge to sleep is not easy so I can’t pretend that I’m having much fun today. I may relent a little and have something meaty for dinner just to get it to back off a little.

Colette took me to a Malaysian fusion resteraunt for dinner and that was a fantastic reason to eat meat. I’m not gonna lie I ate a lot of food but nothing I ordered broke the rules, I had chicken satay, vegetable spring rolls, butterfly king prawns, pork sui mai and crispy shredded lamb. Delicious.

Day 21:

Wow, three weeks already, this is going by really quickly!

Woke up at 6:37 this morning and could not get back to sleep. I was that annoying combination of wide awake mentally and exhausted physically. Did my blood sugar and found it was 3.1, this worried Col as she thought it was TOO low and is now concerned I have hypoglycemia or diabetes (or both). Gonna keep an eye on it over the next few weeks and maybe go see a doc if need’s be.

Banana smoothie and a coffee for breakfast. I’ve not made a smoothie in years, delicious. I can’t believe how easy this diet is, it doesn’t even feel like a diet most of the time. If I could just get my brain on-board this will easily be a new lifestyle change instead of just a diet.

The afternoon was spent with me and Col making our debut YouTube video (it turned out a bit crap but we’re posting it anyway, I’ll post it on here when I’ve done with editing) and spending more time trying to learn Vue. The exhaustion didn’t go away, I still feel like I could fall asleep the moment I look at my computer screen.

Quorn Fajitas for dinner. I tried to make a non-dairy ‘sour cream’ from Alpro yoghurt and some vegan cream cheese, it didn’t turn out well but it was edible. Think I’ll use regular sour cream next time.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 246.2lbs 248.8lbs 250lbs
Body fat 34.8% 35.2% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.9% 30.7% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 3.1 6 4.7

No real surprises (apart from the aforementioned blood sugar drop – I’ve coloured that orange as technically that’s too low and is outside the healthy range). I’ve lost another 2lbs (in fact a little bit over!), this is exactly the sort of loss I was hoping for as I feel that a few pounds a week is a sustainable weight-loss. I think it might be getting close to a point when I need to focus on the ‘move more’ part of dieting now I seem to be coping well with the ‘eat less’ part. There are no decent gyms around here so I might have to get a pull up bar or something and also maybe do some YouTube exercises in my living room.

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