100 Healthy Days: Week 2 Journal

Day 8:

I’m in London a lot this week, not a big fan of coming into the city as it always knackers me out. Also – even though it makes getting my daily activity in a breeze – it makes eating right a lot harder as I’m rubbish at finding healthy foods I like in Westminster.

For lunch I had a mac and cheese, whilst calling it healthy is a bit of a stretch is it as least meat-free. Colette says she’s got a date night planned for us in Kensington later, so we’ll see what I’m able to find there. At least they have a good Whole Foods there.

My wife is amazing and wonderfully ditzy. The date night she had planned for us was actually meeting my all-time favourite comedian, Eddie Izzard in Richmond. However she got the dates wrong and actually, that’s tomorrow! However we had a lovely evening in Richmond (as I am sure we will again 24 hours from now). Food-wise, we went to a restaurant which had quite poor vegetarian options for me so I relented a little and had a fish-cake and then after that we went for ice cream. However I did over 15k steps so I think I can get away with the ice cream.

Day 9:

Today is a day of almost back-to-back meetings and with this being the government, it’s more than likely that this afternoon will involve doughnuts. However I won’t be the one bringing them which reduces the chances somewhat.

Probably won’t get chance to do much walking during the day but as we’re off back to Richmond this evening to actually meet Mr Izzard I’m sure I’ll still get my activity. Already done at least half of it anyway.

Porridge for breakfast and a tomato and mozzarella toastie for lunch. Still managing to stay away from coffee but I feel knackered and have a splitting headache today so I assume this is the withdrawal kicking in.

Went back to Richmond this evening to see Eddie Izzard which was amazing. I bought a tub of popcorn but I only at about a handful of it as it was awful, had Yo Sushi for dinner, I’ve not done great at going meat free this week so far, I’ll probably do a little better Thursday and Friday when I’m back at home and not eating out on the evenings.

One thing I’ve noticed is that this way of eating is having the side-effect of putting me on a calorie controlled diet without me even really thinking about it, that alone will do wonders for my health.

I also discovered that coffee geek in Victoria do amazing peppermint tea so that will allay my hot drink cravings for the foreseeable future I think.

Day 10:

Last day in the office this week, we’re going for a team lunch today and the team always picks somewhere unhealthy so it’s likely I’ll have to use one of my cheat meals today, hopefully not though, we’ll see where we go. Porridge for breakfast again, good job I love the one from Pret.

All the week’s meetings are over now and miraculously nobody brought any doughnuts so there was nothing to resist.

As I suspected, we went somewhere with only one veggie option and it was rubbish, thankfully it was a ramen place so I didn’t have to have a cheat meal. I had a regular ramen (with a pork and chicken broth), tbh it wasn’t worth eating meat for.

Had a lovely walk through St James Park on the way back to the office, also got an ice cream to try to fight the heat. Thankfully the office days are nearly over and I’ll be at home again soon, I’m better at being healthy when I’m at home. I wonder if the last few days will have had much of an impact on my Sunday check in.

On the evening we were both pretty tired so decided to get ourselves a curry, fortunately there is a really high quality curry house near us so we were able to get a take-away without breaking the rules. I went for a chicken korma and some saag aloo which was just what I needed.

Day 11:

Glad to be working from home today, had a bit of insomnia last night and feeling exhausted this morning, I think today will be the day I break my coffee fast. Just an apple for breakfast as we don’t have much in, will go do a semi-big shop at lunch.

Went for a walk to big Sainsbury’s got ham, egg and chips from the café for lunch. Completely forgetting that ham is a processed meat and therefore breaks rule 1. Therefore I have accidentally had one of my five cheat meals. At least it tasted good.

I got a bunch of healthy things from Sainsbury’s so at least we have stuff for the next few days. Going away tomorrow night so didn’t want to go mental but this should sort our dinner out and keep us fed until we set off.

Made a vegan spaghetti Bolognese for dinner and honestly, I couldn’t taste the difference between that and the beef one I usually make so I’m more than happy to say I’ll never cook a beef Bolognese again. I honestly can’t believe how much Quorn has improved over the years I remember it being horrible!

Day 12:

Col was working from home today as we’re heading up to Skegness later today as one of our friends is getting married tomorrow so I ended up making her a coffee, I made myself one too but discovered that the rice milk tasted like crap to me now so I didn’t end up drinking it. Apple for breakfast again and so far I’ve not seen a single doctor so evidently that saying is 100% true.

Leftover Bolognese for dinner, just as good as I remembered from last night. The heat is insane today, I’m struggling to resist my ice cream urges, especially after resisting getting a doughnut for breakfast.

The journey up North took forever and resting a Burger King in the service station was a mammoth task but I managed to tear myself away and joined the Subway queue instead where I got a 6 inch steak and cheese and a bag of walkers crisps. Arriving at the campsite (we’re not cheap, we just love camping) 3 hours later than expected, we put our bed up and hit the hay immediately.

Day 13:

After a fitful night’s sleep, we awoke pretty early on Saturday, I had my first proper cup of coffee in over a week and a half and it was glorious, I’ve decided that giving up coffee is not for me and nobody can do anything to change my mind about that. After a light breakfast of scotch pancakes, I donned my suit and we set off for the wedding.

As we are often guilty of, we set off too late to the wedding, infuriatingly though ‘too late’ was actually one hour earlier than the sat-nav told us we’d need and an unlisted motorway diversion scuppered our plans, we slowly transitioned from expecting to arrive early enough to be smug about it, to thinking we’d arrive in just the nick of time until eventually landing on ‘shit, we’ve missed the wedding’ – which we had – fortunately we made it in time to pick up my sister, her boyfriend and our friend Jen from the church and we all set off to the reception.

The reception was stunning, it was set in a manor house in a painfully gorgeous piece of countryside and the weather was glorious, they couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. Canapés made the rounds whilst we waited for the wedding breakfast, I think I had about 5 of them, a few chicken and sweetcorn, a duck and a tomato and basil.

About an hour or so later, dinner was served, I can’t remember all of it but I remember the main course was chicken and the desert was sticky toffee pudding.

We went for a wander around the grounds after that, it wasn’t really enough to call it exercise but it was outdoors and it was lovely.

A few hours later, the disco and buffet started, we didn’t eat much and I tried to stay as close to vegetarian for that meal as possible but I must admit that the chicken skewers called out to me and I did have two of them. The rest was all veggie though. We even did a bit of dancing but again, nothing that could really be considered exercise.

Unfortunately we had to leave the wedding about an hour or two before everyone else as we knew we’d get caught up in the same diversion on the way back as we did on the way there and sure enough, we finally flopped onto our inflatable mattress at midnight.

Day 14:

We awoke at 9am to cloudy skies, we had planned to go to the beach at Skegness today but it was looking unlikely. I made us coffee and breakfast (the same as the previous day) and we started packing up the car. Just as we finished our packing, the rain started, that was the end of the beach plan. We were disappointed as we only came to Skegness so we could make the most of our Sunday, sulking slightly, we set off back home. We decided shortly after setting off that even though we couldn’t enjoy the beach, after not having a good nights sleep we could at least have a nap in the car near the beach and then treat ourselves to a chippie lunch.

We pulled up near the beach but couldn’t really get our car close so we found a parking spot about 100 yards from it instead. We couldn’t see the beach so we thought we’d go for a quick walk and almost as soon as we set foot outside our car, the sun came out in full!

The beach was back on the cards! We grabbed our towels, went for a quick coffee first and then headed for fun. On the way to the beach we saw a crazy golf course. Unable to resist its allure we headed in an played two rounds which was a ton of fun. I won the first game, Col won the second.

Amazingly even after tempting fate by stopping twice, the sun was still out and we made it to the beach. We stayed there for about an hour before realising we were starting to burn and then headed to the chippy.

I got fish and chips but only ate the chips as the fish was disgusting and clearly cooked from frozen being British we left without complaining, I was planning on passive-aggresively not clearing my table but Col tidied away before I had the chance to suggest the idea – she’d have said no anyway.

On the way back to the car, I got an ice cream (too hot to not have an ice cream) and then we headed back home. The drive was fun as we finished our audiobook which was fantastic (‘Just one damn thing after another’, I highly recommend it.) We arrived home at around 8pm and I immediately went for a cold bath to ease some of the heat from the sunburn and then Col gave me an amazing massage with Aloe Vera cream – what a wife!

I’ll actually be posting this on day 15 as I’ve not had chance to do my health check yet so the results below will be from then.

Health Check

This week Last Week Week 0
Weight 248.8lbs 248.4lbs 250lbs
Body fat 35.2% 34.7% 36%
Muscle Mass 30.7% 31% 33.3%
Visceral Fat 20 20 21
Blood glucose 6 4.9 4.7

Oh dear.

So week 3 didn’t work out too well, this week for me was attempting to be a week of moderation instead of just restriction, I allowed myself to eat most meat and dairy products again (no beef and no breaking the rules) and during the weekend I allowed myself a lot of treats which I suspect has caused the spike in my blood sugar levels. The main goal for this week was to reduce my portion sizes. This was still a success as I have realised that my portion sizes before this week were larger than I needed them to be, I at much smaller portions this week and didn’t really notice a difference in my hunger or satisfaction levels.

I am surprised I didn’t lose any weight (and in fact gained a fraction of a pound) because I still came in under my calorie goals each day, which means that either my calorie goals are wrong or it is not all about calories in vs calories out.

My energy levels were really low this week, I actually didn’t realise until I read my journal back just now how much I thought I was still being mostly veggie but my food diary shows that – whilst not back to my old ways – I was not even close to being on a plant-based this week. I’ve decided not to give up coffee, at least not yet as I never felt any benefit of giving up and I think perhaps I’m trying to do too much, too soon and exhausting my will-power. It’s more important that I switch to a plant-based diet and get healthy.

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