Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 7


Last night I made I mistake. No don’t worry, I’ve still not eaten anything but I DID stay awake until 2:30am playing computer games. I woke up at 8:40 this morning when my usual barrage of morning calls started and I was knackered!

Starting the day off on such a bad foot made the diet feel almost impossible, as easy as yesterday felt that’s how hard today felt. I made it through but barely, if Colette hadn’t talked me around, I’d have probably given up and eaten a really delicious looking tuna melt which I saw in the local coffee shop, how I managed to resist and just get a bottle of water is a story they will tell for generations to come.

Not got much to say today to be honest, still don’t have the energy. Here is the video. See you tomorrow!

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