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Developer On A Diet – Day 5


So I’ve reached my first milestone, it’s day 5!!! It’s supposedly the day I start to feel better and more positive about this thing. Well I’m not quite there yet but I must admit, I feel more positive than I did the last two days.

Broth is now the main focus of my diet, I am craving solid foods (mainly meat) like crazy so drinking strained hot water from vegetables isn’t quite a satisfying as proper food but it’s a million times better than raw veggie juice. I actually feel like I can possibly go the distance using this method. I’ve asked around on the forums and I’ve been told that although it’s not quite as good as raw juice, it’s close enough and a hell of a lot better than not doing it at all.

Temptation hit me like a ton of bricks this evening when my sister came over for a flying visit, as we didn’t have long before she had to leave again, we went to a service station on the M25 and sat in a Starbucks. That wasn’t too bad, I don’t really crave coffee or tea so getting a fruit juice was really easy. The hard part was sitting 15 feet away from the best service station food court I’ve ever seen. Pretty much all my favourite foods were sat there, smelling amazing and daring me to go order them. I’m still not feeling major hunger the the psychological aspect of it is driving me crazy and I could have probably had something at each of the vendors!

If anything causes me to fail this fast, it will be that, for some reason, instead of my cravings for bad food decreasing, they are actually increasing, earlier on I was drooling at a danish pastry on TV and I don’t even like those!

Fingers crossed that I manage to keep control, I feel my will power starting to slip but I am also seeing the results of this and I really do not want to be defeated!

Here is the video. See you tomorrow!

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