Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 3


I’m not going to lie to you, I want to quit today.

It’s the first day that I felt like I might not be able to do it. I woke up this morning with a lot of energy but after about an hour, it all drained away and I was pretty much ready to go back to bed. Colette was feeling pretty much the same way so we spent the morning watching Supernatural and then I buggered off to my office to play Skyrim and sulk (yes I know I should have finished it by now but I don’t have much time for gaming these days!).

Vegetable juice has lost all appeal to me, I started to feel it a bit yesterday but today it hit me HARD, I had a pure orange juice this morning which was amazing but then I couldn’t bring myself to have another juice again until dinner time when I managed to choke down an Apple, lettuce, spinach and cucumber juice.

I think if I’d tried that juice on day 1, I’d have really enjoyed it. Colette said it was the tastiest juice I have made yet (excluding the pure fruit juices, of course). The funny thing was that my brain was simultaneously telling me that it was both delicious and disgusting. I think that part of me was rebelling against the whole idea.

Honestly, I’m so glad I decided to record these videos and write this blog, I know that nobody is reading/watching them yet – Hell for all I know they never will – but posting them every day is making me feel obligated to continue.

One thing I will concede to is that I may need to move the goalposts. I will hopefully feel differently about this in a day or two but right now I don’t feel like I can make it to the full 30 days, so I’ve decided that if I can make it to 10 days; that’s enough to be proud of. It’s not the new ‘plan A’ or anything but I think it’s a pretty solid ‘Plan B’.

One thing that is encouraging is that a t-shirt which has been quite snug on me for quite some time is actually a little bit baggy on the sides now so evidently I have already started to lose a little bit of mass. I’m really looking forward to weighing myself the next time I have the energy to get out of bed go to the gym.

Here is the video, I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. As always: Wish me luck!

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