Developer on a Diet

Developer on a Diet – Day 2


Day two has come and gone. The hunger is still being kept at bay by the juice and apart from an intermittent sore throat. I’ve not really noticed any ill effects.

The only real negative I can claim so far is that I’m already starting to feel a little bit sick of juice. Especially as I discovered this morning whilst reading some articles on that my vegetable:fruit ratio in the juice should be 80:20. I tried to make a juice with this ratio today and found it very difficult to drink. However I am hoping that I just chose the wrong mix of ingredients. Tomorrow I plan to work to some actual juice recipes.

One brilliant find I made today was that you can heat vegetable juice up and turn vegetable juice into vegetable soup! Of course we couldn’t make it too hot or it would destroy the nutrients but honestly, eating a bowl of lukewarm tomato, onion and celery juice felt like a real meal and it was the highlight of our day.

Day 2 video is below. I shall see you tomorrow!

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