Leedshack – 18 hours in!

We’ve now been hacking for almost 18 hours straight. It’s fair to say that I am utterly knackered, we’ve made some amazing progress though, after a fairly shaky start (More on that later).

In approximately 6 hours you will be able to register for our Textagotchi app. It is actually a minor miracle that we’ve managed to get it this far at all as we’ve had a long list of issues which attempted to stop us:

  • No internet access for about 8 hours (we had to use mobile tethering, which was sketchy at best)
  • A decision to switch technologies just as the project began
  • A sudden realisation that we didn’t have the right software for this so one of us had to disappear for 4 hours whilst he went to install it on his machine.
  • A lack of windows hosting (We managed to get some from Twentysix for the weekend (Thanks Matt Pallatt!)
  • Another sudden realisation (this one more serious) that we actually didn’t know what we were doing ( a quick meeting sorted that out )

Thankfully we’re all sorted out now and assuming no other major issues occur (like all of us collectively falling asleep for 6 hours) we should be sailing towards our 12pm deadline.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

By the way, this is how tired I am right now:

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