My new blog!

Hi Guys!

I’ve recently decided to start blogging again, a few of you may remember my old blog at, however myself and Matt Saunders (my co-writer) eventually became too busy (lazy) to write full articles all the time and it eventually fell by the wayside.

This is is going to be more of a personal blog than Digital Fusion (which is staying put for the time being so you can still read the old articles if you wish) I may write a few techie posts but for the most part I will be prattling on about things that are a little more personal to me.

So what can you expect from my blog?

Well as I mentioned above, the blog will be more personally orientated, however I still want there to be a reason for people to visit so rather than write 20 posts about how amazing my cat is (which, worryingly, I could easily do) I am going to try to write mainly about things that would be interesting to others.

To make sure you don’t get bombarded with irrelevant/uninteresting information I’ve split my site up into categories which are as follows:

  • Technically Minded – These posts will be of a similar nature to the posts found at digital fusion, so if you liked what I wrote for that site, you’ll find that here
  • A sense of wonder – I consider myself very lucky, the child-like sense of wonder that many people lose during their adult life has never faded for me, as a result many things still amaze me, when I find these things or even had a thought on a wondrous subject, it will go here.
  • Meandering Insanity – I often go off on odd rants and babble away about nothing in particular, sometimes they are insightful, sometimes they are funny, mostly they are just odd, I’d avoid this category if I were you.
  • Scribblings – I’m a writer, I’m currently in the middle of writing the first draft of my first novel and I write other bits and bobs too, some of these things I will share with you here. Plus any posts related to writing will go here too.
  • Blips – Consider this section to be a place where I write extra long tweets, sometimes what I want to say can’t fit into 140 characters but don’t merit a blog post. This is where they will go.
I hope you enjoy reading my posts, if you don’t then feel free to tell me politely why you don’t, if you can’t be polite then feel free to piss off 🙂
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Alex Foxleigh
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Freelance User Interface Developer, Aspiring novelist and ill-informed political writer from Sevenoaks, UK.

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